Areas of practice - Maynes, Braford, Shipps, Shefftel LLPMaynes, Braford, Shipps, Shefftel LLP

Indian Law


The Indian law practice at Maynes, Bradford, Shipps & Sheftel, LLP is recognized as one of the most accomplished in the country. As general counsel for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe for almost fifty years, we have provided the legal support required to make the Tribe one of the leaders in Indian country. Our experienced team of attorneys possesses a deep understanding of all substantive areas of Indian law including: jurisdiction, taxation, land and natural resources, commercial activity, finance, gaming, health care delivery and intergovernmental relations. As lead counsel, we have litigated important cases at all court levels from tribal court to the United States Supreme Court, and we have negotiated historic agreements involving such matters as gaming, taxation, oil and gas administration, utilities, health service, and licensing.

Oil & Gas & Energy Development Law


For many years, Maynes, Bradford, Shipps and Sheftel, LLP has been directly involved in many of the legal aspects of energy resource development. The firm has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting oil and gas leases and in assessing whether the parties have complied with lease terms. Our attorneys have assisted clients with matters including, the active development of standards for determining royalty value and participation in related legal and administrative proceedings.

Environmental Law


At Maynes, Bradford, Shipps & Sheftel, LLP, several of our attorneys have experience and expertise in one or more areas of environmental law including, matters related to water quality, air quality, NEPA compliance, Endangered Species Act, environmental litigation, and treatment of Indian tribes as states under federal environmental laws.

Commercial Litigation


For more than fifty years, the attorneys at Maynes, Bradford, Shipps & Sheftel, LLP have been representing clients in specialized and complex litigation before federal, state, and tribal courts throughout Colorado, New Mexico, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and the Navajo Nation. We represent clients at every stage of the litigation process, from the trial court level all the way to appeals before the Colorado Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court.

Electric Cooperative and Public Entity Law


The attorneys at Maynes, Bradford, Shipps & Sheftel, LLP have extensive experience representing rural electric cooperatives and public entities in all aspects of their business. While cooperatives and public entities face many of the same issues of private businesses, regulations and statutes provide unique challenges to addressing these issues.

Water Law

water-lawThe firm has long represented individuals, businesses, and state and tribal governmental entities in the development and defense of water rights. In addition to practice in Colorado’s specialized water courts, the firm regularly engages with state and federal agencies on behalf of its clients in permitting, rulemaking, and legislative efforts.

Real Estate

realestate-lawThe real estate attorneys of Maynes, Bradford, Shipps & Sheftel, LLP provide a sophisticated and skilled approach to every project. Whether a matter requires the preparation of routine real estate documents for a residential homeowner or complex agreements associated with a large commercial transaction, our real estate attorneys are prepared to meet the needs of our clients.

Estate Planning, Probate and Tax Law

estate-planning-lawPersonal service and attention to individual and family circumstances are hallmarks of the estate planning attorneys at Maynes, Bradford, Shipps & Sheftel, LLP. Our lawyers have served the needs of individuals and families for many years, assisting and advising them in sophisticated personal planning, probate and trust administration, and related legal services.

Health Care Law

healthcare-lawThrough its work with the Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, the Southern Ute Health Center, and the Utah-Navajo Health Systems, the attorneys at Maynes, Bradford, Shipps & Sheftel, LLP have extensive experience and expertise in the field of health care law.

Business Law

business-lawAt Maynes, Bradford, Shipps & Sheftel, LLP, our attorneys provide experienced legal advice throughout the lifetime of a business. We advise clients regarding business planning decisions impacting the formation, operation, and growth of a business.

Banking and Creditors’ Rights

banking-lawMaynes, Bradford, Shipps & Sheftel’s team of banking and creditor’s rights attorneys have extensive experience representing community banks and local businesses in all aspects of banking and collection law.

History of the Firm

History - Maynes, Bradford, Shipps, Sheftel LLP

Our firm enjoys a history of more than fifty years of practicing law in Colorado and the Four Corners region. In 1961, Frank E. (Sam) Maynes went to work as a young attorney for Lawrence McDaniel and Byron Bradford, whose firm maintained a respected general practice in Durango. Several years later, Sam formed a new firm, Maynes and Anesi, with his younger cousin, Frank J. Anesi, who had returned earlier to Durango as Colorado’s second public defender. Not only were they partners in a law practice, they also owned a liquor store together and bought a long-time, local drinking establishment, The Gold Slipper, from their cousin, Otto. In 1965, Sam became the lawyer for the Southwestern Water Conservation District, and, in 1968, he was hired as general counsel to the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, a federally recognized Indian Tribe headquartered in Ignacio, Colorado. In the meantime, Byron Bradford became the District Court Judge for the Sixth Judicial District.