Oil and Gas and Energy Development Law - Maynes, Braford, Shipps, Shefftel LLP

Oil and Gas and Energy Development Law

For many years, Maynes, Bradford, Shipps and Sheftel, LLP has been directly involved in many of the legal aspects of energy resource development. The firm has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting oil and gas leases and in assessing whether the parties have complied with lease terms. Our attorneys have assisted clients with a range of matters including the active development of standards for determining royalty value and participation in related legal and administrative proceedings. At the inter-company level, the firm has helped prepare joint operating agreements and complex arrangements for exploration and development ventures as well as contracts related to gas gathering, treating, and marketing. The firm has also been active in addressing legislative and regulatory proposals involving the relationship of water resources and energy development, as well as hydraulic fracturing. The attorneys at Maynes, Bradford, Shipps and Sheftel, LLP can assist clients with all aspects of oil and gas law, including:

  • Negotiating and reviewing oil and gas leases
  • Determining royalty values
  • Preparing joint operating agreements
  • Preparing exploration and development venture agreements and operational documents
  • Representation before jurisdictional, regulatory and legislative bodies

Thomas H. Shipps
Sam W. Maynes
Elisabeth J. Takeuchi